ANDREY BYKOV tubist arranger composer

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Graduated from how to write a rhetorical analysis the St. Petersburg Conservatory in 2003. He participated in various musical groups , both as ordinary participant and as a creator and leader of his own projects. Andrei specializes in creating and recording music for tuba. His mainstreams are romantic ballad and smooth jazz.
Several specializations are conjunct in the one person : tuba player , piano player , arranger of electronic accompaniment, composer and sound designer . Along with his own compositions Andrei created a number of original interpretations of popular Western hits of the70-90 years (ABBA, Sting, M. Jackson, Queen, Pink Floyd), songs written by the Soviet composers, and soundtracks from the movies. Main distinctive and characteristic feature is the simultaneous use of the tube into both as an accompanying and solo instrument.

Another no less important significance direction of creative activity of custom article review writing service Andrei is the creation of arrangements and transcriptions for various ensembles of wind instruments. He does it both in its traditional form , if it is a transposition of classical pieces for brass quintet or quartet , and in combination with vocals , piano and percussion instruments in the areas of jazz and popular music .

Andrey Bykov
Saint-Petersburg. Russia
Tubist. Arranger. Composer.

007 921-323-57-09

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